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Hudson Bar

There are two different outdoor bars at the Hudson Hotel. The first is a large courtyard that is open to the public. It is located on the hotel's second floor, which seems to have been designed primarily as an alcohol dispensary: right next door are the Library Bar and the famous Hudson Bar. The courtyard, which is partially covered by the same glass and ivy ceiling that extends into the hotel lobby immediately in front of it, is a design triumph. Although there isn't much of a view, it is lined with greenery and features an interesting variety of options for reclining ranging from chairs to beds. The second outdoor space, which the hotel calls the Hudson Sky Terrace, is on the fifteenth floor and a room key is required for entrance. This is one of our favorite hotel rooftops in the city, offering a range of spots for every taste, from open areas for sunbathing along the edge of the building to secluded shady corners for reading the paper.